I can feel it in my bones
Like a ripple in the water
Bubble blowing in the breeze
Reflecting hues of the yon with ease

Glinting tiara on tree top
Sunlight feigning bulbs of glory
Like bells chiming through the leaves
Pulling me to prayer remembering thee

A bird chasing in her play
Screeching merry, no time to lay
Like bluebells peeping from their buds
Knowing their sun without no fuss

When I know my truth, even if abstruse
I can feel it in my bones
Nature did not question, why should I
The signs, I ll accept, as if they are Thy

Copyright 2021 Deepa N Swamy



Rainbow coming up over the horizon by the sea with splashing waves

Too long since my mind meandered
Without a problem to solve, a fire to put out
Too long since it felt the stillness within
Without confusion scattering all thought

Too long since I acknowledged the gifts
Of this imperfect body and treacherous mind
Too long have I gone without the trifling
And mundane fighting with my humankind

Too long since I whined about
Constraints God-given or by people
Too long since I realized the magic
Of meagre troubles that make life meaningful

The big tempests bring with them
Such profound glimpses of landscape
Only then could I grasp the mighty ocean,
For till then, only waves I wanted to escape

Copyright: Deepa N Swamy, 2022

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